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Because in your dreams, every detail matters!

At Catering By Chefs we think your event needs to be as special as you are. We will ensure that your party is trouble-free so you can enjoy every single second with your loved ones or friends.

Catering by Chefs is an unique merging of highly experienced chefs and wait staff with the finest, best quality ingredients and food. Our personnel bring with them years of understanding gathered from a few of Melbourne’s most popular great dining restaurants, event caterers and hundreds special wedding events, in home celebrations and business functions.

Our cooking is influenced by modern and international influences such as Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Asia foods. We can offer different kinds of catering services in Sandringham for almost any event.

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Party Catering

The expert event planners at Catering By Chefs will work with you to bring each and every detail of your event to life.

Finger Food

We skilled in providing unique catering menus that reflect your personality. . Let Catering By Chefs make your event something special!

Wedding Catering

We understand how important it is to have the ideal food to make your function unforgettable. We’re dedicated to presenting you with a personalized catering experience.

So, Why Would You Choose Us?

So, exactly why should you select Catering By Chefs to plan your big day?

Planning an event shouldn’t be difficult and should be about delighting in in your event.

We take great pleasure in preparing every detail of our client’s function. Our expert party catering in Melbourne consists of skilled chefs. Our team will work with you to produce the perfect menu. We’ll suggest ways to craft a remarkable home catering experience for your guests.

Catering by Chefs are also professionals in themed events. We customize a menu to your taste and preference to make your big day an unforgettable one. We encourage you to browse through our gallery and our menus and explore your alternatives.


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Healthy Meal Delivery In Sandringham


home delivered meals SandringhamIf you are working full time, have children, don’t recognize how to cook or do not like to cook after that it is very easy to dread the evening “What’s for dinner?” question. Mums and fathers, specifically if it is being asked by starving children with no genuine idea of time.


Even if you do not have kids at the end of a long day, shopping and cooking can be the last thing you seem like doing.

We found lots of people desperate for a choice to needing to shop as well as cook well balanced meals on their own. Planning food and meals ahead of time felt like it was definitely in the “too hard” basket, as well as an eleventh hour food preparation choice was usually not a good one.

That’s why we developed the Meals To Your Door in Sandringham (fresh well balanced meals delivered to your house or work place.

We intended to offer a fast practical solution that was additionally healthy, and good enough for the entire family. Yes, there were quick practical options out there already (by the dozen) yet low calorie does not relate to nutrient dense, and much of the options were laced with sugar, salt, preservatives, fillers and also thickeners and frankly unhealthy. The dishes were quick, light in calories and easy and sometimes equally incorrectly viewed as “affordable” but as a nutritional expert I could not put my wellness stamp on them.


Our calorie managed dishes are naturally low in calories however additionally nutrition dense, made with genuine food, fresh ingredients, from recipes developed by a nutritionist and chef team and also cooked by real cooks in a fully equipped specialist state-of-the-art kitchen in Melbourne. We do not add nasties like preservatives and added salt and sugar, the food is freshly cooked as well as supplied fresh.As well as the taste comes from the actual ingredients we meticulously select, not from a manipulated “sugar, fat, salt” formula.

We wished to give individuals a positive healthy and balanced eating experience. Imagine you and your loved ones consuming healthy and balanced regret cost-free food, that tastes terrific, which you didn’t have to plan, buy ingredients for or slave over a hot stove cooking from square one.

We have the following Meals available for delivery in Sandringham

  • Shepherds Pie In Crunchy Potato Topping  $10.00
  • Beef Lasagne $9.00
  • Chicken Cacciatore $6.00
  • Singapore Noodles In Prawns $7.00
  • Thai Green Chicken Curry With Fragrant Jasmine Rice $7.00
  • Baked Chicken Fish Pie $14.50
  • Vegetable Chickpea Curry With Rice $5.00
  • Creamy Cheese Mornay Prawns $14.50
  • Thai Style Fish Cakes $4.75
  • Seafood Chowder $18.50
  • Moroccon Cous Cous $6.00
  • Macaroni And Tuna Bake $6.50
  • Spaghetti Bolognase $6.00
  • Fried Rice In Prawns $6.00
  • Roast Vegetables $8.00


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